Why I care about women’s health

I am part of an all-women team at Phenogen Sciences, Inc, a US subsidiary of Genetic Technologies. We are scientists, business women and mothers. We are passionate about preventative healthcare and making sure that women have the tools and resources available to them to make the best decisions for their health. Every women’s healthcare choices … Read more

Breast Lobules Come and Go

Lobules are the part of your breast that make milk (they’re actually glands). If you’ve given birth, you are sure to remember how your breasts changed over the course of your pregnancy…and then voila, like magic you are suddenly able to feed a tiny human. OK. It’s not magic. We know why the breast change … Read more

Breast Density, Say What?

You received a letter that says something about dense breast tissue. OK. Now what? What does the language really mean. And what should you be doing about it? Nearly half of all women have dense breast tissue, so it’s common. Breast density officially refers to the amount of fibroglandular tissue in your breast, relative to … Read more

Intro to Breast Cancer Risk Factors

There are a lot of different risk factors associated with breast cancer development. This article will take a really broad look at some of the general risk factors–but we will dig deeper into each risk factor in subsequent posts! Stay-tuned, or join our email list to stay informed! Where to begin?! There are so many … Read more