Should I get a BRCA test?

It’s breast cancer awareness month. There are bound to be stories about women who tested positive for a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. Now after a double-mastectomy, they are breast-cancer worry free… Is this an option for you? Probably not. In reality, most women tested for a BRCA1/2 variant will come back negative as carriers. ThisContinue reading “Should I get a BRCA test?”

Intro to Breast Cancer Risk Factors

There are a lot of different risk factors associated with breast cancer development. This article will take a really broad look at some of the general risk factors–but we will dig deeper into each risk factor in subsequent posts! Stay-tuned, or join our email list to stay informed! Where to begin?! There are so manyContinue reading “Intro to Breast Cancer Risk Factors”