About Us

As employees of Phenogen Sciences, Inc, a US subsidiary of Genetic Technologies. We are scientists, business women and mothers. We are passionate about preventative healthcare and making sure that patients and physicians have the tools and resources available to them to make the best decisions for their health. Every adults’ healthcare choices reflect his or her individual options and circumstances. In our field, we learn something new everyday, whether it’s from a physician, researcher, or patient, and this blog is our opportunity to share what we learn with all of you. Being well-informed empowers us to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families.

Obligatory disclaimer: Our blog posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions/views of the company’s.

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the one who talks science

The medical community uses the word, “preventative care” a lot. But what does this mean? Are you really getting proactive preventative care during your wellness exams? This is a space I will provide basic resources from the perspective of a science-loving, boy-mom, phD who is honored to get to interact with, speak-to and learn-from some of the brightest clinicians and scientists.

the one who manages operations

The day to day operations of a cutting-edge biotech company are never dull. I have seen the progress of test iterations as our R&D team churns out the latest and greatest risk assessments. But, I also deal with the practical side of commercialization. As a mom to dogs and little people, I will share my stories from the perspective of the realistic implementation of these technologies.

the one who manages details

Customer support and interaction for our patients & health care partners; sharing information on personalized products and services.  Having previously worked in a large healthcare system, I understand the demands placed on our healthcare community.  My contributions to these blogs will be from both a personal and patient-center care perspective.